About Us

OrganoClick AB was founded in 2006 based on scientific breakthroughs in methods for modifications of bio-fibers at the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences and Stockholm University.

The company has its headquarters, R&D, and production in Täby, outside Stockholm together with the daughter company OrganoWood AB.

In 2008, OrganoClick was awarded for its unique and “green” technology with the prestigious Swedish environmental innovation price “Miljöinnovation”. The same year the company, recognized as the most promising start up company, also won the “Innovation and Technology Award”. In 2010, OrganoClick was appointed as a Climate Solver by the World Wildlife Foundation – WWF (www.climatesolver.org). In addition, OrganoClick was in 2011 appointed as one of Sweden’s 20 most promising companies by the Swedish Institute (SI).

The daughter company OrganoWood AB is a product company for sales and marketing of the wood preservative OrganoWood™. The company was founded in 2010 as a joint-venture with our partner Kvigos AB. OrganoClick AB holds 54,5 % of the share capital (59,4 % of the voting rigths) in OrganoWood AB, and Kvigos AB holds 35,5 % of the share capital (38,6 % of the voting rigths).

Our Vision

OrganoClick aspires to be a world-leading player within the developmental field of environmentally friendly fiber based materials. We believe that by offering innovative, custom designed products and outstanding service, we will be the preferred supplier of complete solutions for manufacturing of renewable, functional cellulose based materials. 

Business Model

Our approach to attain success on both sides of the equation is to collaborate with academic partners and customers when designing new materials and bioadditives for enhancing performance of our customers’ cellulosic products. By providing new insights into the research phase of the product development, OrganoClick satisfies the customers' avidity to stay competitive.