• Mårten Hellberg

    President & CEOMårten Hellberg

    Mårten Hellberg holds a M.Sc. in Engineering Molecular Biotechnology from Uppsala University and a B. A. in Economics from Stockholm University. He is a co-founder of OrganoClick and has served as its CEO since its foundation in 2006. He has previously been working in the life science industry and has also had an active career in canoeing where was a member of the Swedish National Canoeing Team for 12 years. He is a board member of OrganoWood AB and Svenska Aerogel AB. Shareholding: 7,381,169 shares (private and through company)

  • Jessica Sundborg

    CFOJessica Sundborg

    Mrs. Jessica Sundborg holds a Master in Economics from Södertörn University and has extensive experience from various positions within finance and economics. Before joining OrganoClick she held the position as Group Chief Accountant at listed company Avega Group. Previously she has worked at Deloitte and at the Swedish National Audit Office. Jessica joined OrganoClick in 2013. Shareholding: 150,000 shares

  • Dan Blomstrand

    VP BiocompositesDan Blomstrand

    Mr. Dan Blomstrand holds a M. Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Uppsala University and Uppsala School of Entrepreneurship. Before joining OrganoClick he has worked as Business Unit Manager - Pharma at  Aerosol Scandinavia and as Global Account Executive at Catalent Pharma Solutions. Dan joined OrganoClick in 2016. Shareholding: 111,000 shares

  • Maria Wennman, R&D Director

    Research & Development DirectorMaria Wennman

    Mrs. Maria Wennman holds a M. Sc. in Molecular Science and Engineering with focus on polymer chemistry from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. She joined OrganoClick in 2012 and has been working in various positions since then, including as a Development engineer with responsibility for development of OrganoClick’s biobased binders and as a Project manager for OrganoClick’s customer development projects. Maria is the inventor of 4 patents within the field of OrganoClick’s biobased binder technologies. Shareholding: 14,735 shares

  • Mikael Wickström

    COOMikael Wickström

    Mr Mikael Wickström holds a M. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Institute in Technology in Stockholm. He has more than 25 years experience from various positions related to production. Before joining OrganoClick in 2017, he has held positions such as Process Engineer Manager at XaarJet, VP of Production & Sourcing at Proximion AB, and VP of Module Technology at Optillion. Mikael joined OrganoClick in 2017. Shareholding: 1,000 shares

  • Karin Öjelund

    Sustainability & Quality DirectorKarin Öjelund

    Karin has a M. Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Lund University. She has 20 years experience from various positions within the chemical and coating industry including product development at Perstorp and the last 15 years various positions at Beckers industrial coatings such as R&D Technical Manager and Process Development Manager. Karin joined OrganoClick in 2017. Shareholding: 3,089 shares   

  • Peter Rydja

    VP Green Coatings & Maintenance productsPeter Rydja

    Peter Rydja holds a B. Sc. In Electronic Engineering and Management, and a B. Sc. in Business Administration from the University of Mälardalen. Before joining OrganoClick he worked as Managing Director at Gateau, a premium bakery company within the Fazer group, as well as Finance Director for Fazer Brands Sweden. Prior, he has worked in different finance positions within Spendrups and Hilton Food Group. Peter joined OrganoClick in 2021. Shareholding: 21,000 shares