OrganoClick are producing its product in its own production facility, located in conjunction with its headquarter and R&D in Arninge industrial area, Täby municipality in northern Stockholm.

OrganoClick produces its products in its own factory that was inaugerated in November 2015. In the production facility, OrganoClick both have production lines for its green chemical products and its biocomposite materials. In the chemical production, OrganoClick manufactures liquid formulations and emulsions. The biocomposite materials are produced by using a proprietary fiber moulding machine which mould the materials under high pressure and temperature into 3-dimensional objects with advanced design.

The capacity of the facility is approximately 60.000 m3 och liquid chemical products per annum and the production line for biocomposites can produce 100.000 production cycles annually. Having the production in conjunction with the R&D and headquarter enables fast upscaling of and a rapid onset when new products will be produced in full scale. 

In collaboration with Bergs Timber Bitus AB, OrganoWood®-modified wood is produced. The production takes place in Nybro in southern Sweden where Bergs Timber Bitus has its wood treatment facility which is the largest in Northern Europe with an annual wood treatment capacity of 250 000 m3.

OrganoTex® is produced in collaboration with textile manufacturers in both Europe and Asia.