OrganoTex® - water repellency for textiles

OrganoTex® - water repellency for textiles

Water resistant textiles is needed in many garments and clothes. In outdoor garments it is a necessary function but water repellancy is also used in sports-wear and in fashion clothes. OrganoClick has developed and is marketing a biodegradable, non-toxic and fluorocarbon-free water repellent additive for textiles under the trade name OrganoTex® for both consumers and industrial users.

The most commonly used durable water repellant (DWR) technology is based on fluorocarbons such as PFAS, PFOS, and PFOA. This group of chemicals are however known to be bio-accumulative and some are even hormone-disruptive and carcinogenic. OrganoClick has developed a biodegradable, non-toxic and fluorocarbon-free water repellent technology for textiles that has been adapted both for consumer use and for industrial use, enabling the complete phase out of the toxic fluorocarbons. OrganoTex® is sold as an industrial DWR-additive for textile mills and as a consumer product used as a spray-on or wash-in product.

By using OrganoClick's technology for modification of fibers, water repellant polymers are attached to the textile fibers, making them water repellant (see picture below). By only using non-toxic andbiodegradable polymers and molecules in the technology, OrganoClick minimize the environmental impact as well as the saftey for consumers and textile workers. 


Several brands are currently adapting the technology in its garments and the consumer product is sold through a network of resellers and brand partners in Scandinavia. To read more about the different product, please see he links below or visit our site for the OrganoTex®-brand.